A trip to Coruña 

         Last Tuesday we went to Coruña on a school trip. We had a snack in the middle of the journey at a service area.

        When we arrived at Coruña, we went to the Aquarium Finisterrae, there we saw different kinds of fish and seals. After that we went to the Science House, in fact, to the planetarium, there was a man who explained some things of stars to us. When we finished we saw a documentary called “Evolution”. Next, we went to the Domus. There we had lunch. Finally we went to the Tower of Hercules. After that we saw the Rose of the Winds. We had our last snack and an ice-cream in the park which is behind the tower. At half past eight we arrived at school. Our parents were waiting here for us.


                                 The Rose                                  Planeterium




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